Best Table Lamps

Why These Lamps In Particular?

LED lighting has become pretty ubiquitous in our society. A few years ago they were hard to find, but now you’ll have them in your phone, in your computer screen, on vehicle taillights, and in light bulbs and fixtures.

As they become more popular, more producers are turning to produce LED bulbs and lamps. However, I do recommend you stick closely to brands you know and recognize, and only choose LED desk lamps with positive reviews from a wide array of customers. Here’s why:

Cheap quality LED desk lights won’t last for as long as better brands. They are not as durable, and the lights are not made with care. That means you’ll end up replacing each fixture every couple of years, which can be annoying, especially with the ‘all-in-one’ lamps that are popular these days.

Cheaper lamps with LED bulbs tend to eat up more power than their better made counterparts. Inefficient wiring means that excess energy is shed in the form of heat, raising your power bill and minimizing one of the main positive features. Go with a good brand and you’ll notice a lower bill.

Light quality on low quality LEDs is noticeably worse than you’ll find with high end brands. You’ll experience a lot more eye stress and strain, as well as headache. Why invest in a lamp you’ll never want to use?

Most LED office desk lamps have a bad reputation when it comes to light quality. It’s true that the earliest LED lights weren’t that great to read by, but recent innovations have led to lighting that’s actually better on the eyes than standard light fixtures. The great thing about an LED is its ability to shift spectrum depending on your needs. You can have a brighter, colder and more energizing light for work scenarios, and then switch to a warmer, softer tone for reading or night use.

1.Tomons Scandinavian Swing Arm Desk Lamp

This LED table lamp is made of solid wood, firm and chemical-free and the cable is covered with nylon, stronger and more flexible. With its classic and simple style and also the easy used in store, it can have stored in small space. It was specifically designed for people who love reading, enjoy the warm feeling with a cozy light that would make you feel comfortable during your work. This is one of the most famous lamp table.

2.Natural Daylight LED Desk Lamp

The Natural Daylight LED lamp is a cheap LED desk light with a lot of upside. It’s a lot cheaper than the other desk lights I’ve looked at here, and it certainly isn’t the most feature rich, but it’s a bargain for what it does.

It’s fully adjustable height-wise, and the shade itself turns 360 degrees. It’s meant to simulate sunlight with 205 lumens of light, and the bulb will last for a long time. It’s specifically built to reduce eye strain, and the light quality is natural and tuned to human usage. The lamp will be safe to touch even after hours of operation.

3.Boyon Pro Desk Lamp Touch Sensor Kids LED Eye Care Lamp Light

Here comes the sixth rank product of the list is this white simple look LED table lamp. It provides you an eyes protection that offers a temperature that perfectly suited. Moreover, the adjustable brightness, with a quick touch and it retains lasting even after you turn it off. You can use it for 24 hours after a full charged. The size is small so you can easily move it from place to place. This table lamp is perfect for middle ages people.

4.Verilux Original Natural Spectrum LED Desk Lamp

I’ve decided to add a few reviews and increase the number from five to six. The Verilux Natural Spectrum is one of the best LED desk lamps around due to its affordability, light quality and simple, sturdy design. Reviews are positive, and this is a very feature rich product.

The key with the Natural Spectrum is that it creates a quality of light that is perfect for the human eye. The spectrum is very healthy, and based on the qualities of actual sunlight. The bright, 27 watt bulb will last for thousands of hours, and it has dual brightness settings at the touch of a button.

As a comparison, this small 27 watt bulb on its brightest setting is equivalent to a 100 watt conventional bulb. And it comes with an anti-glare shield to keep your eyes protected during use. It comes in four different colors. More at

5.TaoTronics Dimmable Rotatable LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics is a new generation of energy saving product. This taotronics LED table lamp is perfect for office, home, dorm etc. With its elegant design and many more color to choose that make this table lamp perfect for your lighting equipment. It’s 180-degree rotatable head to move for your comfortable position. This table lamp has 4 lighting modes and 5 level of brightness. This is a great product which we all need to consider of getting one.

There’s certainly not enough current for an iPad; its charger delivers 10 Watts of power and 2.1 amps of current to allow it to charge at full speed. So this lamp’s USB port might be useful to top off a charge or keep a device running, but it’s not powerful enough to be completely useful.

The lamp’s array of LEDs is supported by a sturdy base. Available in black or white, the glossy fixture has a couple of flexible joints that let you position its illuminated head however you’d like. Its heavy base keeps it stable regardless of the position in which you place its head, and you can rotate it 130° to shine precisely where you want it. More at