Diaper Bags

How to Choose Diaper Bags?

I have always been fascinated with fashion accessories all my life. Even after becoming a mom, I have always been very particular about what I wear and what I carry along with me. I must also tell you that I own 6 diaper bags (Yes 6!) so you can be really sure about the advice that I give you on my site.

I believe that a diaper bag is very essential whenever you are going out with your children and you cannot just take one diaper bag everywhere. I mean, come on, they have to match with your clothes as well. Moreover, each diaper bag is made for different outdoor places.

Since it can be quite tough for a woman to choose a diaper bag because all the bags look really nice and worth buying, I created a specific list of things which you should look at while choosing the best diaper bags for yourself. This inspired me to make a guide which I am sharing below:

An Amaing Utility:

A diaper bag can not only be used for keeping just the diapers but it can also be helpful in keeping the things which you baby needs in regular intervals of time. Some of the most essential things like a water bottle, a bottle of milk and some food to munch can be easily stored in a diaper bag for which there are different pockets or sections provided inside the bag. A diaper bag not only keeps all the things at one place but also doesn’t let things mix with each other due to the way it is designed.

It also comes in various designs and colors in order to match with your style statement and at the same time makes sure that you have all your children’s essentials at one place.

Style first:

There is nothing that fascinates me apart from style. The wonderful bags, the belts, the amazing accessories along with them take me to a dream world where I start imagining how I would look with all this stuff in my hand.

A diaper bag surely needs to be stylish in order to go with the kind of clothes you are wearing and the kind of places you are going to. If you think that you will not be carrying a diaper bad with you and it would only remain in your car, then you might go for a simple bag.

If your purpose is to carry a diaper bag to a shopping mall or to a park where you are going with your kids for a walk, then style is very important; girl.

Also, choosing best stylish diaper bags is a must when you have to visit a friend’s house or go to a party or a dinner where you are accompanied with your children because such a bag will not only help you keep their diapers in but will also help you to store some food for them and some small toys which can keep them busy when they start crying.

You can also go for some cute baby diaper bags which look really nice and your child also loves them.


Quality Matter:

Quality is one of the things which are of utmost importance when it comes to buying a diaper bag.

I have always focused on quality as an imperative factor while buying anything related to fashion and accessories. I also know the fact that high quality stuff lasts really long but at times, when I am on a tight budget, I have compromised on quality, for which, at a later stage, I have repented as well. So in my opinion, quality takes you really far.

You should always choose a bag which is made up of high quality material, both from inside and outside, and has a warranty. Most of the diaper bags for babies come with a warranty and a quality mark but there are some brands that do not provide that as well. If you get confused about a brand that doesn’t provide you with warranty, you must read the user reviews about their products and then take your decision.

Also, it would be wise to examine the bag from inside as well as outside and also take a look at its straps to make sure that they are strong and durable. Since you would want to keep your children’s stuff in them, you should also make sure that the bag is easy to clean and the stuff put inside it will remain hygienic.

Bigger The Better:

Ever heard of this saying “A spacious bag saves the day”? It is certainly a wonderful saying because it always useful for women to have some extra space in their bags.

Since you are going out with your children, it is very essential to have some space which can be used during the time of a special need. For example, if you want to carry some extra food or some extra clothing for your little ones, they can easily fit into a diaper bag with a lot of space.

On the other hand, if you buy a diaper bag just to keep your children’s diapers and nothing else, it might land you in trouble some time. So my idea is to have a little extra space always because you never know what comes up when especially when you are away from your home. It might also be a good point to bring up here that children do need to be fed something or have drink water at regular intervals, a good and spacious diaper bag comes really handy at that point because in its outer pockets, you can keep a small water bottle or some snack for your kids to munch on while you are on the move. It is both handy and useful at the same time and children would also not disturb you in that case.

A brilliant solution to the space would be a bag that offers a convertible kind of a space to you. For example, the Skip Hop Versa bag offers you space when you need it. It features some extra space which opens up when you open the center zip of the bag and makes the bag 20% larger. What more could you ask for? If you don’t need that space, just close the zip and the bag becomes smaller once again. And yes, you guessed it right; it is certainly one of the bags that I own. More at www.brandreviewly.com/best-diaper-bags/.

The Comfort Factor:

Along with the style, comfort is also one of the points to consider while reading diaper bag reviews and then making your mind to buy the best ones for yourself.

The way it is carried, in hand or on the shoulder, should make a lot of significance in your decision to buy. Generally, most of the diaper bags are made for both hand carry as well as shoulder carry positions but some of them are specifically made for one of the two positions (remember, style plays an important role here). So, it is completely up to you to choose the kind of diaper bag that will suit your needs of comfort and style. Having a bag which is good for carrying in both the positions is ideal in this case as I have 4 out of the 6 bags which can be carried in either of the positions I like.

Another important point to consider in the comfort factor would be to make sure that handle of the bag, from where you would carry it or put it on your shoulders, are soft and not hard. These are really important because they will help increase your comfort level when you are holding the bag in your hands or carrying it on to your shoulder.

If you wear a dress which exposes your shoulders, my advice would be to carry the bag in your hands because a diaper bag might leave a temporary rash on your shoulder if you carry it for a longer time on it.

Eser of Use:

A diaper bag should be very easy to use. Firstly look for a bag which is easy to open and close. Do not go for the one which has fancy opening and closing systems like latch with buckles. Magnets and zippers are better.

The bag with multiple compartments is better. Different pockets for different products make it easy to find what you need. Keeping everything in one big compartment is not a good idea as it is very difficult to find baby items from it. Once you start using a bag, you know where a diaper is, where the baby bottle is. You can dedicate one compartment to yourself if you are not using your handbag. In fact, keeping house keys, car keys, wallet and sunglasses etc. in the diaper bag is great.

Diaper bags do get dirty like other products and need timely cleaning. Hence, cleaning a diaper bag should not be a tedious and time consuming task. Look for the material which can easily be wiped. Machine washable bags generally lose their sheen over time and become fragile after couple of washes. More at https://www.brandreviewly.com/best-stylish-diaper-bags/.


Price is one of the last factors that I consider in buying such bags because they are a thing to keep for lifetime. Since the bags are really durable, I do not mind spending some extra cash on them if I get the bag of my choice. Pricing wise, these bags are not so expensive I would say but they surely come very handy when you are with your kids.

I also feel that a diaper bag in the range of $50 to $150 can be a good buy for everyone. You can also look for diaper bags which are under $50 if you are planning to buy more than one. I personally do not have any diaper bag under $50 and over $200. This is not because of the fact that I don’t like diaper bags over $200 but because of the fact that when I am planning to spend $200 on such bags, I might as well buy 2 $100 bags instead of just buying one. Smart!

Another good way to save money on such bags is to buy them during a sale or during a festival season when you get some of the greatest discounts on them. If I have a big shopping list a couple of months before Christmas, I generally wait for the sale time during Christmas and keep growing my list till then. Christmas is an amazing time to buy things at great discounts. If you are not planning to buy these bags around that time, the start of winters and summers also offer some great deals which are not meant to be missed at any cost.

With this little guide, I am sure you will be able to buy the top diaper bags which suit your budget as well as enhance your style and comfort at the same time.