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5 Top Rated Kohler Shower Heads

An excellent shower head is among the essential components of a shower system. Being an important product, you should pay attention to the type of shower head you opt to go for. An excellent shower head gives out the right water pressure and an awesome spray area that works without increasing the water bill.

Due to their unique waterway design, most people prefer to use Kohler showerheads. Here we’re going to find out the incredible benefits that come along with choosing a Kohler shower head for your bath time needs.

Kohler is among the oldest showerhead manufacturers in the world, having been founded in 1873.
Besides producing shower heads, Kohler is a leading manufacturer of plumbing products such as bathroom and kitchen equipment.

Let’s cut to the chase and review some of the best Kohler showerheads.

1. Kohler Multiheaded Shower Head


The Kohler multiheaded showerhead features a sleek design and innovative flip stream technology. It offers four showering sensations, to match your mood. Its spray face can rotate, allowing you to experience a targeted massage, a soft downpour, a traditional full spray, or some circular spray. This showerhead is also easy to install so you can do it easily by yourself.

2. Kohler Forte 2.5 GPM Single-Function Wall-Mount Showerhead


This showerhead is especially smartly built and comes with groundbreaking technologies. It provides a cool bathing experience thanks to its unique nozzle pattern and state-of-the-art internal waterways system. The Forte 2.5 showerhead is equipped with kinetic air induction technology that allows the production of heavier and thicker water droplets.

3. Kohler K-72419-CP Awaken G110 Multifunction Showerhead


The Awaken G110 Multifunction Showerhead is a design and functionality masterpiece. It is a simple round shower head that catches everybody’s attention with its style. Besides this, it goes well with many types of bathroom décor. This particular Kohler showerhead is equipped with three unique spray setting features which are wide coverage, a targeted spray, and an intense drenching form.

4. Kohler 22169-G-CP Forte Showerhead


This Kohler 2219-G-CP model is made with the user’s comfort and convenience in mind. It comes with different spray settings, catalyst mode, silk spray, and massage mode. All these will either offer gentle water flow on the skin, targeted water spray, or larger and wider water droplets. Such are very essential especially while taking a bath after a long and tiring day at work.

5. Kohler Bluetooth Shower Head

The Kohler Bluetooth Shower Head is a top-quality showerhead that has a removable Bluetooth speaker. This showerhead is an efficient one, and the Bluetooth speaker makes things even better when you’re enjoying a cool bath. It offers the ultimate sound-in-the-shower set up. Imagine listening to your favorite podcasts during your early-morning soaping up?

It has a unique and attractive sign that should look good in most showers. This excellent showerhead measures 4.18 by 5 inches and comes in either a polished or white chrome finish. You can easily charge it so that shouldn’t be an issue for you.

So, next time ensure you pay attention to the showerhead you choose. This guide will help you sort out the best showerhead that meets your needs. More at