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34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

These are our favorite Harry Potter Tattoos + His Friends and ENEMIES. All the best characters are represented here, plus some very cool surprises! Harry James Potter is the fictional sorcerer whose character came to rise in a book that was not supposed to be known it was written by a woman, Joanne K. Rowling. This suspenseful book with sly humor quickly rose to become one of the biggest sagas the world has ever known, and respected, unlike those shiny vamps. The perils that this youngster is going through caught the attention of all human kind. Harry Potter began as (many would say) a poignant child disrespectful to those who raised him (and in his eyes didn’t have to), but also had a shy and reserved manor. Following through his adventures, objects like the deathly hallow sign, time turner, resurrection stone and cloak of invisibility were introduced, and along them wise quotes from even wiser souls were said.

34 Awesome Harry Potter Tattoos:

Let’s delve into the magical world JK Rowling created, and see what creative ideas were born when our fandom’s love and appreciation of this childhood mark decided to visit a tattoo artist.

1. The Story Begins

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

I didn’t decide to begin with the most creative ones, but let’s not be judgmental and appreciate that an eternal mark on the body cannot be valued any less than another one. Harry Potter Tattoos.

This (I believe) girl got the initials of the company Hewlett-Packard because they were the ones that helped Rowling publish the book.  

JK (Rowling) aside, this girl just decided to ink the destined boys initials, in the font style that cannot be mistaken for anything else. ��

2. The Golden snitch

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

This one is the first of the series objects that are well-known in the wizarding world. The smallest ball used in Quidditch, but the most valued one.

If only all people valued the smaller things in life as much.

This ball rules them all. Catch it, and the game is yours.

It really is similar to the guy’s strength. Smash one of his balls and he’ll be weak for you.

This snitch, together with the “I open at the close” is quite a popular pick for a tattoo. It is a symbol which engraving ties in with Harry’s death and the finding of the resurrection stone. But meanings aside, the tattoo is beautifully designed, and I particularly love the three-folded shadow of the snitch’s wings – the speed that this object moves with never let’s you see it in all it’s beautiful glory, even if you pause your favorite Harry Potter movie! ��

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3. The chapter starter stars Harry Potter Tattoos

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

You don’t want your tattoo to be completely out there and feature an object or a caricature of your favorite character? Well, these stars then this just might be made for you.

You don’t get the connection? Maybe you’re not from America.

These three different-sized stars stemming from the chapter pages can be found in all American editions of Harry Potter books. It’s not a broom, it’s not a cloak and it’s not a hocus-pocus spell, but it still feels magical enough to me!

4. The girl with no soul Harry Potter Tattoos

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

I love this gloomy shoulder tattoo, even though the story behind the dementors is quite a scary one. They are the foulest creatures that infest the glummest, sulkiest places of one’s soul. And an empty shell of a person is left.

But let’s just say this is a ginger. The legend says they have no soul, so I assume she’s safe.

5. Master gave Dobby a sock -> Dobby is free

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

This elf is an “imprisoned” fella as its destiny is to serve its own master until they give him a sock. This portrait of Dobby shows eyes that gleam with hope and virtuous kindness that has not always been returned, if ever. It’s dark and melancholy vicinity perfectly adds to the already accentuated crows lines near his eyes and cheeks. The cruel life often makes us slaves to things, if not people, but the important thing is that you are sure that you’re constantly looking for, if not already having found the remedy that freed you from being one.

6. Grammar Nazi in the making Harry Potter  Tattoo

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

This represents the pronunciation of the levitation charm used to make objects fly. Now, I know that they were learning this spell when they were kids, but I’d definitely be doing a lot of mischief in the muggle world with lifting up skirts on windy days. How would they ever know it was me?

And I’ll be enjoying in practicing this pronunciation. Because it’s Windgradium LeviOsa, and not LevioSA.

Awesome spelling of an ever more awesome spell to tattoo though. Just hope for your sake that it never functions, because it’s gonna be a very, very mad world.

7. I solemnly swear I’m up to no good Harry Potter Tattoos

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

Like the Marauder’s map itself, this tattoo is only visible under the correct light.

This magical tattoo pays homage to the constant longings for adrenaline and mischief, as the forbidden fruit always tastes best. Even so, people like to think that you belong in a society, and that you belong to what society thinks you need to do, so it’s a perfect rebellious ink that lets you remember who you are.

And that is, a true Harry Potter Tattoos fan and an unplottable scoundrel that at many times might be up to no good.

Now come this way and let me show you the light! (More white tattoos!)

8. The Marauder map needs protection

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

And once you say these words and wave with your wand, the map will turn into a blank sheet of paper.

Typical Harry Potter font with typical symbols among which you can easily notice the paws and the deathly hallow symbol (Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone, and Cloak of Invisibility). Have all these objects in your possession, and you will for sure become the next the-one-who-must-not-be-named to rule the world.

9. A Water-Colored Owl

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

The vibrant colors of this big-eyed creature smoothly blend with one another just as paint would. This tattoo artists has paid attention to adding dark line work to approach inking a superb painting of Harry Potter’s pet that will last for years to come. Though we can’t for sure say that Hedwig immediately comes to mind (Harry Potter’s Hedwig is a white Snowy Owl!), but the connection is there, and it’s enough even if it’s only you that know it.

Loving this bird specie? See the best owl tattoos on this page!

10. Hogwarts school castle

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

Small tribute to the British wizarding boarding school.

This school’s got all the wrong things in one place, a mad tree, a forest with spiders waiting to eat your brains out, and dementors feeling hungry and ready to suck your soul, but who wouldn’t want to be a wizard in the most elite schools of them all?!

At the end, I don’t have to get my delivered by owl’s acceptance letter to know I belong there. Why in the world was I forgotten and left to live among these dumb muggles?

11. Repeat these words until they becomes true

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

The white ink tattoo ironically (in the movie) can be gotten by a black quill ink that would transfer the words written on the page of the book, and then magically siphon and carve them in on the hand. It’s a vivid recall of a horrible scenery, and a punishment I would not like to endure.

However, this tattoo can be made barely visible on daylight, be the right one to not miss any job opportunity, yet still feel like the most devoted Harry Potter fan.

And despite Umbridge’s intentions towards Harry, this ain’t a bad quote, is it?

Now open these mesmerizing white tattoo beauties in a new tab to see the best of ‘em!

12. Time is making fools of us again Harry Potter Tattoos

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

This one is a Dumbledore quote, a human creature always so vague with his words.

But that’s the reason he was loved, for we all sound so much wiser when we use weird forms of sentence structure.

Time is all but an illusion at the end. And we’re making fools of ourselves to think that the time screws us, because we need a valid reason, object or abstract noun to pin our failures on.

13. Follow the spiders

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

Why spiders? Why couldn’t it be “follow the butterflies”? – Ron Weasley

One of my favorite quotes from Harry Potter’s books, and well translated on screen when shown with Ron Wesley’s irreplaceable acting chops.

This guy played with his words and created a perfect world with his tattoo where at the end the initial expectations and likelihoods of these serious of unfortunate events would not lead to the terrible predicament they originally ended up in. (those spiders were hungry and ready to eat them little inexperienced wizards)

Awesome tribute to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!

14. Rising Phoenix

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

Another magnificent watercolor tattoo that makes me feel the heat of the flaming fire this bird is going to burst into.  This didn’t impede the tattoo artist to draw in a colorful detailed tail that shows what an impeccable beauty this creature is.

This healing bird bursts into flames, and then regrows from ashes. Its tears, they say, have healing powers.

Though this is the animal defender of Dumbledore, one of its procured tail feathers went to become Harry Potter’s wand.

I am the ultimate lover of bird’s tattoos, and of the word freedom. Those spread-out wings are the very definition of why I love every bit of this ink. Being a Harry Potter symbol is just one big plus!

Find the perfect birdie for you over here.

15. Penguin Patronus Harry Potter Tattoos

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

This magical guardian is evoked by the projection of all your most positive feelings. The Protégé shield charm takes a different form from every person, and this person believes their conjuring to be a penguin.

This wobbling creature is beautifully affectionate, and ready to stop with their momentary obligation to commit to a higher purpose. It’s a beautiful combination for a Harry Potter fanatic, a Penguin type of personality (a most usually Hufflepuff creative soul) and (but of course) a water color tattoo appreciator.

16. A not-so-innocent Lolita high school-er

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

I don’t know about you, but her madcap aura is off the charts with positive weirdness. She is the Ravensclaw quirky chick that doesn’t care to transfer her weird self in a subsequently even weirder looks and behavior. The different colored Spectrespects glasses were said to make the wearer look like a demented, multi-colored owl. Though to the visible eye, they made the wearer look like a proper lunatic. I love that she has them on this tattoo. Another thing visible here, is her father’s magazine, The Quibbler.

The ultimate favorite character of mine as this loony describes a tranquil character that seems as they left their brain on the pave way, but at the same time is brave and pays the finest details to attention to what everyone is saying that leads to taking very wise reactions in all situations she found herself in.

17. The thestral creature

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

I love this grim, sinister creature with wings of a bat and the artist did a great job inking a bony spine and giving it the ghastly appearance it is described with in the books.

18. A return to the basics

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

Let’s leave incantations and magical creatures aside, and return to the basis of the Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry school. This school is divided into four houses, bearing the last name of its founders, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. According to Rowling, we all belong in one, and we can even find out which one by simply answering a few multiple questions.

But at the end it doesn’t matter in which house we belong, because at the end, the houses should not be deemed and divided to cause competition, but to bring people with nascent traits they share together.

In the end, what matters it to value the school that made you a large part of what you are.

19. Basics numero 2

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

Matching tattoo art paying tribute the deathly hallow symbol, and the wall passage towards the wizarding world.

20. Let there be dark no more

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

Another white ink tattoo with a writing of an illuminating incantation that casts light in the immediate vicinity of the caster. At the end of the beautifully written letters, we can notice the light shining through. Awesome!

21. A Dewey decimal number

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

This one belongs to a librarian, and this number represents the Dewey decimal number associated with the Harry Potter book. I find it a bit too large for my taste, for something that can be quite smaller, but love the incorporation of the thunder scar Harry Potter has. Still, it’s pure dedication to pay tribute to both Harry Potter and the disappearing art of library cataloging.

22. Slytherin Pride

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

Harry Potter haters – unite together.

I know that some rivalry might be good, and I know that this would be a subjective opinion, but I would not want a Slytherin friend. Their description goes to say that these are individuals that seek greatness and fame, and to them losing dignity equals worse than death.

Subjective opinions, sugar-coating and motivational crap put aside, you do have to be a unscrupulous individual leader that goes to great heights to feel apt to play a respected role in society. This does not equate to being a better person. Just a greater achiever. So if anybody takes pride in that alone, hats off to you, this just might be your kind of tattoo.

And I have to make one small critique in this tattoo, is that it should find a way to incorporate the blue color waves of water, a typical Slytherin house symbol that represents the mystery behind what is unexplored.

23. The Dark Mark

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

I cannot say I am that surprised by the lovers of the dark, for we all long for power, and if it was ever made possible, immortality as well. This is exactly what the dark mark on the left forearm represents. (all hell breaks loose when Voldermort appears!)

Love the clear way this artist made the snake go through the skull’s mouth and extends up until his wrist. A powerful tattoo it is!

24. Ron needs some love as well.

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

Though initially Weasley as a Quidditch keeper couldn’t save the Slytherins from scoring goals, karma came right back to bite them in the ass after Ron did not let them score a single goal in the next game.

Love that though Harry Potter is the lead char, his three best friends all have a fan following of their own, and tattoos like this exist, cherishing that a person can definitely change and improve.

25. The protégé charm part 2

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

This artist plays with the forms of the dementor and the protégé, and successfully outlines the form of the doe in the bottom, shunning away the dementor’s power to get the soul of the person attacked.

The doe is Harry Potter’s protégé, and is the same form that his father had.

I love the vertical lines that extend the dementors base form, as they are big, bold and not precise in their direction. Brilliant!

26. Dumbledore’s sleeve

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

Now this fanatic went all the way and tattooed the head wizard of Hogwart’s school on his sleeve, whilst reading the newspaper heading of the escaped prisoner. Awesome shading in the beard, even more awesome contouring of eye expression, and a tattoo I would wear out and proud any day!

27. We are a part of you, invisible to anyone else

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

The Gryffindor’s are fiery and defined for a desire for being remembered for great adventures, but their cerebral minds knows the importance of friendship. This Sirius Black quote scene is quite a tear jerker at the end of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book/movie.

28. You’re just as sane as I am Harry Potter Tattoos – Luna Lovegood

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

Another quote tattoo that I didn’t want to leave out, because Luna Lovegood doesn’t get as much appreciation as she should!

Do not succumb to what people say about you, and do not be perturbed by anyone’s words….

You can notice the distinctly drawn three stars, as a modification for what should be quotation marks.

29. Harry Potter Tattoos: Dumbledore’s Army initials

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

How about being a district attorney (DA) with love for Harry Potter? You probably won’t let that out at court though.

Dumbledore’s Army was a secret organization for teaching students proper Defense Against the Dark Arts.

The logo itself though, looks as if it was written with blood…. Harry Potter Tattoos…

I believe the right version of this should (better) be a black ink quill writing that should represent a shaky hand written signature by Dumbledore himself.

30. The doe and the stag

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

Want to get matching tattoos with your boy? See some ideas!

31. Harry Potter Tattoos Happiness

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

32. The Winged Keys Harry Potter Tattoos

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

She found the enchanted flying key, and put it on her back!

33. The smartest of ’em all Harry Potter Tattoos

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

This half-blooded brilliant, was the brightest witch in Hogwarts. Though I believe you can easily find many tattoo portraits of hers, this one really stood out as it described her insufferable know-it-all character, but portrays it in a very cute way. She began as a muggle that thought that smart equals everything, but was sorted in the brave house of Gryffindor in Hogwarts instead of the intellectual one that is Raven claw. A tribute to this can be seen in the simple striped scarf that just shines with maroon and gold colors (No, it’s not black and white!), but she ended up as being Harry Potter’s best friend, and he ended up being her friend zoned best guy friend (no, seriously, how did that happen?).

34. The story ends for Harry Potter Tattoos….

34 Harry Potter Tattoos. One is Shocking!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ends with these words, and puts a full stop to the whereabouts of the main hero, but does not put a stop to the fandom’s longings for delving deeper in his world.

A very brief, and cute quote that describes that after all, the outcome is what matters most. If everyone’s satisfied with it, it means that despite what has happened, all is well now.

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