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Laser Tattoo Removal | How to get your tattoo removed

Laser Tattoo Removal. Light or Laser Amplification by the stimulated Emission of Radiation is one of the most common techniques by which modern day tattoos are removed. Generally, the laser method does not need a stay in the hospital and in most instances doesn’t even require anesthesia. This method involves breaking up of the pigments in the tattoo into very tiny fragments by the laser energy, which is then discarded by the natural immune system of the body.

Tips to get your tattoo removed

A tattoo, once a permanent décor to the skin, can today be removed by lasers. Trained technicians or doctors send short bursts of the laser energy into the person’s skin at the tattoo site, hence breaking up the tattoo ink. When the tattoo ink breaks up, it dissolves slowly in microscopic fragments into the skin. These fragments are then absorbed by the body and eventually flushed out. Let us have a look at some of the effective tips you should put into consideration if you’re opting to undergo a tattoo removal procedure.

Tip#1: Selecting A Doctor

Finding a good doctor usually is essential, as in understanding the cost and procedure. For your tattoo removal, choose a doctor who specifically specializes in dermatology. It is important you ask your primary physician for referrals. You can as well ask the people you know who’ve had tattoos removed from their body.

Tip#2: Black Ink On Pale Skin Often Is The Easiest To Be Removed

Ask the doctor what the chances of good tattoo removal are. Some skin types and inks normally make the removal process more difficult. According to research, people with fair skin as well as superficially placed tattoos on the chest, legs, buttocks and arms are usually the best candidates. Tattoos on dark skinned people, or tattoos on the fingers or ankles, areas where there is very less body fat, are often the most difficult to treat and hence results usually are more variable. Also, older tattoos are easy to remove than new ones.

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Tip#3: Budgeting For The Procedure

While your tattoos might have cost you only 80 US dollars, it may cost several times than that to remove them. The cost is determined by the colors used, the size of the tattoos as well as whether it was applied by an amateur or by a professional; this last issue normally determines the inks stability and how deep it was injected.

Laser Tattoo Removal: The Process

If you are opting to undergo a laser therapy tattoo removal treatment option, you’ll have to find a reputable dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon in order to ensure appropriate treatment. The number of treatment sessions usually may vary depending upon the size and color of tattoo. Though several sessions are needed, your tattoos may be removed within 2- 4 visits.

Laser treatment often focuses on tattoo ink that is broken into tiny fragments using highly concentrated rays of colored light beams. The fragmenting of the ink particle may require numerous sessions which will be determined by the depth of the ink level. Laser treatment is quite safe procedure as it’s without making any incision and is bloodless.

The procedure for removal of tattoos via laser beams basically involves the following steps:

Step#1: Covering The Eyes

First and foremost, the eyes of the patient are covered with a protective eye shield. This is in order to prevent the ink from entering his or her eyes.

Step#2: Determining The Most Effective Method

Reaction of the patient’s skin is tested so that the most ideal energy for the tattoo removal treatment can be determined.

Step#3: Activating Of The Laser Light

A hand piece is put against the surface of the patient’s skin and the laser light is then activated. The patient is likely to feel each pulse like snapping rubber bands against his or her skin or grease splatter.

Step#4: The Number Of Pulses

Smaller tattoos need fewer pulses while the larger ones require more. In many instances, tattoos require numerous treatment sessions and multiple visits. During each treatment session, the tattoos are supposed to progressively get lighter.

Step#5: Ice pack Application

Application of ice pack specifically to the treated area can assist soothe the area. It’s then supposed to be followed by application of topical antibiotic cream or ointment. Treatment site is supposed to be protected by use of a bandage. Ensure also that when you’ll be exposing to the sun, you effectively cover the treatment site using a sun block. Let’s now have a look at some of the benefits you’ll likely to reap if you opt for this treatment option.

Benefits Of Opting For Laser Tattoo Removal

During laser treatment, the selective area is targeted and thus, tattoo is destroyed effectively without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues. The method often reduces the possibilities of scaring significantly. It makes it possible for the doctor to choose precise combination of the lasers for the depth and colors of a specific tattoo and for the multi- colored tattoos. Though some of the changes in skin texture and color are usually unavoidable, your skin will appear more natural as well as uniform after you’ve successfully undergone the treatment procedure.

Possible Side Effects

This procedure normally has got very minimal side effects if any and may include hyper- pigmentation or hypo- pigmentation of the skin. Other possible side effects include the possibility of a permanent scarring or infection occurring at the treatment site. The treatment area might appear for some months like sunburn and then, the skin returns to its normal condition. There is also a possibility of the treated area developing tiny, superficial cysts. Laser treatment also may give rise to other injuries including burns.

To minimize the occurrence of such risks, you require to carefully adhere to the instructions that you will be given by your doctor. Generally, you should note that there is no any insurance firm that covers tattoo removal.

Last but not the least; get the merits of convenient laser method and use the latest tattoo designs to decorate your body. After all, you’ve to keep changing with the modern trends.

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