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Basic Guide to Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos. A tattoo is an artistic way of showing off your personality, your style and your preferences. The only problem is that you may not be sure whether you’ll want to “show your personality” for the rest of your life or not and you may want to try it out first… you know, just to see if you like it. Well we have a good news for you, you have an option: the temporary tattoos.

A temporary tattoo is a tattoo which will fade with time. It also comes with fewer side effects compared to the permanent one. Fake tattoos have been used over the years as a form of cosmetic and to cover up body scars.

The Essential Elements of Temporary Tattoos:

Temporary tattoos may last up to a week or two. It will depend on the area where the tattoo is placed and the type of tattoo you chose. How and where it is applied also determines the duration it will last on your skin (obviously, if there’s a lot of friction where you place it, it might not last as long). If you want your tattoo to last longer and appear, more appealing then make sure you apply it on skin that is dry and clean, free from lotion or oil. Choose a body part that is wrinkle-free and smooth. Therefore, if you are the hairy type, work on getting rid of the unwanted hair in order to achieve satisfying artwork.

For your temporary tattoo to be able to last longer you need to design it to your body part which does not rub against clothing or straps unless if you want to customize a design from the original one. You do not have to skip your shower or bath for fear of the temporary tattoo coming off. Actually, temporary tattoos will not change your lifestyle like going for swimming. Once applied, it becomes waterproof meaning it cannot be erased with soap and water. Although, it can be easily removed by rubbing baby oil, alcohol or hand sanitizer on the tattooed area.

You need to take care of your skin after the tattoo is applied.

Applying baby powder on the marked area will help to absorb natural body oils, which can diminish the quality of your tattoo. In order for your tattoo to survive up to the planned event, make sure you spray a few spritzes of Hairspray on it. Be cautious of the components in the product that can cause an allergy reaction. Scratching your body gives you some sort of relive but it is not healthy to the color applied on the surface of your skin. Scratching your skin roughly may interfere with your tattoo.

Make sure that the type of temporary tattoos you choose is safe and non-toxic so as to avoid causing harm to your skin. There is no guarantee that the temporary tattoo you have chosen is safe. Therefore, make sure colorants used are FDA certified and the product fits the safety standards for toy and cosmetic products. If you intend to get a temporary tattoo for a certain ceremony, it is best you apply it that particular day for best results. Although henna tattoo can cause an allergy reaction, it is extremely long lasting and it can be used/applied for an upcoming event.

Airbrush tattoos

are perfect for actors since even after taking a shower they can come back the following day looking exactly like how they did the previous day. However, in order to have a perfect airbrush tattoo the person applying it should position the stencil in one place and avoid moving it. As much as there are areas in your body you love the most, not all of them are ideal for tattooing. The sweat spot areas like under the arms and back of the knees cannot work well with temporary tattoos. This is so because your body generates more heat in these areas.

Always follow instructions that are on the temporary tattoos packaging. This is particularly important if you are applying it yourself. You do not need to use too much water nor too little. If the tattoo is too hard to peel then that is an indication it needs more water. If you have sensitive skin make sure, you test yourself when using a new product on your skin. This especially applies for henna. This product has been known to cause allergic reactions to many people therefore before using henna always do a pre-test to determine if you are allergic to this product.

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Temporary Tattoos

It is wise to always seek the origin of the tattoo design you wish to have before applying it on your skin. Even though temporary tattoos fade with time, a design that it contrary to the message you wish to portray can shout out something different to the public. Each design has its own meaning. You can customize your own body artwork, which can compliment your intended purpose. Catalogs and online tattoo galleries can help you get creative and unique ideas. It is good you work with manufacturers that accept customize designs. Before sending your artwork make sure, you inquire how long it will take to get the end product. This is important especially if you need the tattoo applied within a certain time frame.

Do not just pick on anyone to apply the tattoo on your skin. It may sound fun experimenting since after all temporary tattoos can be easily removed in case if the entire process backfires. However, you need to remember that this is your skin and if not done with caution it can leave you with regrets. Do your homework by looking for a reputable tattoo artist who has applied body artworks to many people over the years. In case you have no idea where to begin you, can always check online for recommendations or ask around from friends or relatives especially those who have tattoos.

Will you get your own Temporary Tattoo?

Temporary tattoos are ideal if you want something that you can get rid of once you’re done with it. Unlike permanent tattoos, this one is perfect for people who fear pain. With the above guide, you will be able to choose wisely a temporary body art that suits your needs. However, you should remember to work according to your budget. Temporary tattoos come in different prices and you can definitely get one that fits your pocket.

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