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127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

These temporary tattoos look so real. If you’re looking for amazing temporary tattoos, look no further! Free to look. Huge catalog to buy. What is it about tattoos that people are so afraid of? Their permanence. Now are you a scared little baby if you decide to embroider your skin with what once was thought to be a tacky mess of kitsch and gaudiness of temporary ink which will fade away in 3 days max?

I wouldn’t say so. These “gaudy” tattoos have advanced to a point where even celebrities are proud to out them at award events, and you are able to be prepared to always rock the latest fashionable tattoo without caring whether it’s on the most visible place (work problems), or if you would like it five days in the near future.


Here’s Our List of Favorite Temporary Tattoos:

Now, instead of seeing more of the irreversible inks, this post is going to be a whole lotta love for temporary tattoos explicitness.

Let’s see who rocks the best of ‘em. (or which one rocks the best of your world)

1. Watercolor Abstract Temporary Tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

You love watercolor tattoos? Have you heard that when there’s no definite black lines to accentuate the shapes, they tend to fade? So why not try out the temporary tattoos version of them, just to be safe?

This attention-grabbing treat can be described as a passionate abstraction of a raw talent’s vision. I bet that that this tattoo looks awesome in all epochs of its existence. This tattoo when fading away might even look like a glimpse of bruises, but it’s for sure a unique piece of dizzy exquisiteness.

2. QR Marketing Temporary Tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Do you hate the word slut? Are you a slut shamer? You might skip this one then!

If you feel like going out for a promiscuous hunt to get a gal or a guy in that packed club, why not find a cool way to make sure they remembers you? Too drunk to write down the number? Too loud where you at for your beaux to swallow your attempt to soberly recite your number? Why not just put yourself a QR code that he’ll scan and which for sure will lead them to you once again (if they ever wanted to something with you in the first place that is �� )

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3. Litographs Tattoos: Wearable Tribute to your favorite books

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

This temporary tattoos project was up there on kick starter, and if you gave one dollar away from your wallet, you were guaranteed to receive one random line of the brilliant madness of Alice’s Wonderland. Now, does anyone remember why is a raven like a writing-desk? I am not sure I do, but I do remember that Alice reassured me that being entirely bonkers was the best thing that could happen to me. And I pride myself in being labeled a lunatic. Because, all the best people are!

4. Alice in Wonderland volume 2 Temporary Tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Now, this one sounds quite funny. Imagine getting a random sentence that says: “And she sat down and asked: What are you doing?”

Why would I put that on my body? Does it mean anything? Who would even notice it’s from Alice if they don’t have the hints of the flamingo on the left, and the book on the bottom? But hey, there are some devoted fandoms out there, and it’s still a temporary tattoo, so props to this fandom’s idea of all sentences of this book having been tattooed on a random person out there at one point!

5. Subtle rock lovin’ hints

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Are these lips recognizable to you? I was going to swear that this is a rocky horror picture show tribute, but those temporary tattoo lips were kind of pressed a lil bit with the teeth. So, I guess this is more so a rock n’ roll love tattoo. And they do look a tad sultrier than the normal long tongue. Thumbs up! (:

6. Golden flash necklace Temporary Tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Feeling trepidation of becoming a spendthrift looking for the perfect jewelry for each occasion? Look no further than here. Choose a golden flash temporary tattoo that depicts a unique prompt decision to wear something that somewhat looks like an accessory, but still succeeds in delivering the same femininity and soft touch that the girl is looking for. And having that sun-kissed tan? Ultimate slay!


7. Big golden beads

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

These gorgeous gold and metallic wrist-let do go well in juxtaposition with the beach. Throw away your usual wrist-lets which could be quite bothersome when the sand goes and has this stubborn habit of trying to stay in these tiny beads.

Having said that, we might as well go naked, only with temporary tattoos on our bodies to prevent that annoying sand from getting stuck in every corner of our clothes.

But then, it would flood our intimate areas. :@

It’s noticeable I hate the sand, isn’t it?

8. Flash Tattoo Volume 3 Temporary Tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

It might seem a bit too much, but if you got the tan, just rock it!

9. Metallic Accessories

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

10. Spider web

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

You like spiders? Didn’t think so.

But isn’t this an ingenious attempt to bring the gloomiest of ravages at your next Halloween party?  A black dress with a naked back would make you the queen of these petrifying venomous arachnids and quite the celebrity, even if it ain’t your party that is being thrown!

11. Cute beetles K-I-S-S-I-N-G Temporary Tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

No, they are not kissing, but they might as well be. Love the cute change of their small dots not being circles, but hearts. And then they have a Minnie type bows on their heads. Do the ladybugs look this beautiful in the real world? I mean, I like them, but did you know that the typical depiction of a ladybug is the scarlet, with black dots, even though the yellow and orange ones are exactly the same specie?

It’s the survival of the fittest, rich against the poor (Marina and the Diamonds guilty fan here!).  Not fair!

12. A roaming jelly

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

This free-swimming marine jellyfish temporary tattoo is beautifully drawn on this girl’s arm and it goes with her day outfit (marine theme all the way!). Can you feel that gelatinous bell widening, and those stinging tentacles floating in the midst of the deep blue sea?

Love the addition of the green colour on it. That’s venom Dory, ain’t no good to touch that little fishy fishy!


13. Skeleton Portrait

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

A skeleton prayer portrait might be a great combo with that eight-legged creature on the back, right? Loves it.

14. Violent lips Temporary Tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

God knows when I went to Vegas these outlandish lip temporary tattoos were a hard thing to miss. I don’t want to associate them with the K-clan of attention whores, but they have been seen with them on their lips, and I’m giving them thumbs up for it.

If you see them on a girl you’d believe you’ll feel a rapid onset of “What kind of fuckery is this”, but hey, we embroider ears, arms, wrists, feet. We got tramp stamps, and pierces on all body parts imaginable, so why not the fully out-there kind of lips?

15. Violent lips, edition 2

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Is it noticeable I took a liking in them? Don’t judge me though, only god can judge me.

Maybe try them on at a pride party? Or at a private pre-coitus seducing encounter with your marine boyfriend? ��

16. Violent lips, last part

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Ok, ok, I’m moving on.

But you can’t deny those snake lips are hot hot hot! Temporary tattoos can be hot! hot! hot!

17. Octopus arms that look as if they are about to choke your neck.

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

This temporary tattoo screams alternative Goth style. This girl’s got the octopuses’ powerful arms on her chest area, which awesomely contribute to a grimmer-than-thou look of a dark alternative attention-catcher girl. Get those dark lips (maybe even violent ones?) and a tightly knit corset that accentuates your thin waistline (or visibly makes it look it) and it’s a perfect predatory outfit that’ll make all guys drool over your mysterious aura (And black will always be the new black, just accept the fact!)

Octopuses abundance – this way

18. The Rihanna stars look

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Like her or not, Rihanna made this look a saccharine desire for every other girl out there. Trying to be hipster and hate on all the trends? Well, I’m not. This stars follow a simple trail down a girl’s neck and back, and is a romantic culmination of celebrating femininity.

19. Watercolor hummingbirds temporary tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Hummingbirds, dragonflies and phoenixes are the most often tattooed birds (bird tattoos – follow me). All birds represent freedom, and they all are a beautiful aesthetic in their natural habitat form. Love that this girl chose to paint it in the form of a watercolor masterpiece.

Love it so much that I already think that I would begin crying seeing this painting goes fuzzy after a few days. I’d probably go and transform it to a permanent ink in the nearest tattoo artist after I’ve seen it in a mirror.

20. Freedom volume 2

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Isn’t amazing how small hints of an object’s outlines make for the most delicate temporary tattoos type stories?

I do see a small problem that she has these wrist-lets that are for sure about the cover this tattoo’s beauty when her arms are to be pointed downwards, though.

21. Marine Pin-Up Girl

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

The body language and the sailor’s hat, and the thinking expression of this girl creates the dream girl that guys usually don’t experience in real life. I am not sure how this sailor/marine/waters thing came to be an ongoing topic in the tattoos of this post because I’ve been trying to prove that temporary tattoos can be as good as the permanent inks. Still, when you can have a well-drawn pin-up girl with a bad-ass attitude as a temporary ink, you can probably have all permanent tattoos drawn as temporary ones as well.

22. Geometric forms vol. 1 – Circle

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Here, hypnosis create for an artistic look. The target is the belly button, or just the middle of the waist? �� Doesn’t matter, it’s a simple form which does bring some forward thinking of simple forms that can help us further express ourselves through our physical appearance. And it’s only a fucking circle!

23. Geo forms volume 2

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

These triangle tattoos are prominent in Hollywood. Now you don’t have to believe in Illuminati to believe that this temporary tattoo is an impeccable aesthetic to be worn as a tattoo, necklace pendant, ring or earring!

I know I’d change the finger I’d have it on. The second finger should make for a more asymmetrical look than this, but at the same time a more inimitable one to have I’d say.

24. A Strong Proud Mama Temporary Tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Now I can’t see myself having a poignant journey seeing my mom tattooed with this tattoo, but maybe that’s why it’s a temporary one. When I was a youngster I was looking at these 20 something girls, and calling them “Mrs. X”, and they all looked to me as if they were centuries older than me.

Now that I’m a 23 year old, I see some female friends having babies, and at times I have this voice inside me that judges that it’s too young of age to devote your life to a crying machine. I’d love to see one of those chicks ridicule guys like me with this tattoo. Because becoming a mom doesn’t instantly make you a tired non-energetic person that’s ended all fun in their life. Cheers to that!

25. Love, oh love… I gotta tell you how I feel about you

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

This one might belongs up there with there with the other flash ones. A beautiful curvy font describing the word and feeling that everybody fights for. We are not talking about a brave tattoo, but a cute cliché that cherishes the positive outlook of life.

And of course, the golden tattoos always bring for a striking photo-op of you (or your hand) enjoying this year’s vacation. (Preferably with the deep blue sea colour being the prominent lead in the photo).

26. Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

This cute Disney tattoo outline should make for a good temporary tattoo. I love them Disney cartoons and animated movies, but I still haven’t found that one character that completely depicts what my character is, ergo, I wouldn’t want a permanent ink of a character that I’ll be wondering what is doing on my body in 20 years. Now, this post filled with sea associations wouldn’t feel complete without the most famous mermaid of them all, in her natural habitat of curiosity completely overtaking her mind, having her friends left behind.

27. A birdie holding the chain necklace

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Now, many of these tattoos seem quite simple, because why would you want to waste hours on a fake ink that’ll last 2 or 3 days? The inexorable popularity of the chains, charms and other body jewels was definite after Chancel decked out its own models of fake tattoos. These, at the time were somewhat pricey, but today they are considered precious as this was only a limited edition.

Now this professional looking temporary tattoo would make for a mesmerizing look when combined with a strapless dress, wouldn’t it? If you can pull of the cold queen pale look in the make-up department, you’ll be the flawless star of the night, no doubts.

28. Music notes Temporary Tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Estrogen took over almost the whole post, so I had to make it up and put something that could not be directly taken out of a “Most Popular Feminine Symbols” book. Though this temporary tattoo does look somewhat messy, the conveying of a true artist is very rarely connected to a spotless environment, more so it gives out notes of a taciturn chaotic masterpiece. This guy’s cool with me!

29. Eyelid tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Now, eyelid tattoos take a lot of courage. Hell, I’d say you’d have to be a nut job to let someone ink a permanent one on you there. Myself, I wouldn’t want to see my girl take that plunge to get a temporary ink on her eye lid, but nobody’s denying the beauty of the fearless alternative: a temporary tattoos for eyelids.

Now, if girls say they look like they came out of a horror with normal make-up and rains, I can’t imagine which character a girl would look like if water drops were to be spilled over her eyelid tattoo. Would Samara of the ring finally be able to get out of a different place other than a TV? I am not willing to test it really.

30. Eyeliner Tattoo Vol. 2

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

This one’s another form of eyelid tattoo. So if you’re feeling too lazy or don’t have time to apply makeup well, just put this on your eye and you’re all ready to go.

31. A Glowing Constellation

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Is hard summer or burning man about to begin? Feel like standing out in the crowd? I know this is the “Ursa Major”, but if I didn’t give I a second look I wouldn’t have thought this to be a constellation, more so random lit dots, which makes them a lil’ bit weird on their own.

32. Technicolor temporary tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

These bold designs are a fun abstract design that twists simple geometrical forms in an overlaid palette that transcends from one color to another. And the permanent ones are as awesome as the temporary ones as well!

33. Flower Bouquet

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

You can’t delve into tattoo themes without mentioning the flower ones. The poppies flower is associated with death in the form of eternal sleep, but it can also mean peace and commemorating those who have died in a war. Funnily enough, on the same tattoo we can notice another flower type, the peony flower, which symbolizes elegance and wealth. Now, I’m not sure how the peace and the wealth flow together, but they do make up for an elegant temporary tattoo that I’d wear for a day or two.

34. Cara Delvaingne Temporary Tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

This subtle homage to the Chinese (Through The Looking Glass) theme Met Gala turned into a silly fight when Stella McCartney and Cara both claimed it was their idea to have this temporary tattoo on the gala. This beautiful piece is covering her arms, neck and decolletage with Chinese birds and blossoms. Cara herself is a bad ass chick, but this tattoo made a statement that nobody can mess with her when it comes to bold fashion statements.

35. Dancing Food Temporary Tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

This is a childish dream, but hey – it’s temporary tattoos, you can ink whatever you feel like having for the day. And this happy breakfast is what I feel like having today.

Coffee, toast, egg and bacon.

And I’ll feel like having it at lunch, and at dinner, and tomorrow…..

This picture will be a constant provoking to indulge in what’s on it. So thanks, but no thanks.

36. A side butterfly

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Them butterfly wings are the foundation of a butterfly’s beauty. But this prospect of a butterfly tells the whole story – the pure symmetric art of its wings, but also, the moth story with the not the most aesthetically appeasing antennae. It’s a popular specie tattooed, but love that the angle differs from what we usually see when we search for temporary tattoos of butterflies.

Here is one of my favorite temporary tattoos:

37. Wednesday Adams Mermaid Temporary Tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

38. The sarcastic one

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

Now I’m all for noble (even if immodest) tattoos describing your life motto, but hey, hipsters will be hipsters, and sarcastic people will keep mocking whatever is the new fad that’s been populating the hipster’s world.

Because, at the end, to everyone else, your word quote tattoos will probably be a “blah blah blah” word tattoo. Because at the end of the day, do you say, hey, he has “Purpose written in Chinese”. I think you’d most probably say, he’s got a cool/dumb Chinese tattoo. Bad tattoos here.

And one would never say, he’s got “A raven is like a writing desk” tattoo, but they’d say “he’s got an Alice quote tattoo”.

At the end of the day, you might as well just write blah, blah, blah for all anyone really cares (Just kidding though, at the end it matters that you know what your tattoo means for yourself �� )

39. Cat Lovers

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

That’s a funny looking one. It would go well with a cute youngster outfit

40.  Swimming fish Temporary Tattoos

127 Awesome Temporary Tattoos That Look Real!

And this one’s a couple’s matching tattoo. I wouldn’t recommend asking your girlfriend for a temporary matching tattoo. That sounds like a bad omen to me.

What I would recommend is getting the permanent one. Here’s some ideas for you (:

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