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This can mean literally to have somebody perform anal sex on you, or figuratively it means that you are getting a bad deal and somebody probably an asshole-jerk is probably taking advantage of you. A Common collocation for exactly this use is the acronym B. A variety of situations, inoffensive. Never sacrifice who you are, just because someone has a problem with it. I decide that annoys me too. Moderately profane, often friendly.

When you are feeling low, or just need an extra dose of motivation and inspiration to kick your work and productivity in high gear, skim through these productivity quotes, get inspired, and get back to work. Kick Ass Sayings & Quotes-Key to the heart-The key to your heart lies on the ground. The key to your heart has now been found. I lock up your love with the heart of my own, I'll guard it forever with the love I have shown. -No man/woman is worth your tears and the only one who is, will never make you cry. Love your quotes, it always surprises me how small simple words read at the right time can make a whole lot of difference. Love your quotes and reading them has been very inspirational. Thank you for your website and being inspiration through these quotes to all who read them. – MM.

Motivational quotes, be it about productivity, weight loss, waking up earlygardening, or any other topic, are quite powerful. Trivial and overused, sure, but you see them everywhere kick your ass sayings on all topics for one simple reason — they work. When you are down, when nothing seems to be going your way and you are just about ready to throw in the kick your ass sayings and give up on the task at hand, or even on your entire day, a single act of motivation can spark you back up and turn everything around. Discipline is an illusion. Motivation is the cornerstone of all productivity. You do things voluntarily because you have a motive to do so.

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Kick your ass sayings

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