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Breast milk under microscope watch online

Breast milk under microscope
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My body made the perfect concoction of all the protein, sugar, and fat my son needed. Three of them, when introduced to stomach acid, unfold, and bind to form a protein complex called HAMLET which kills tumor cells! I know the mature milk contain 67 cal per dl as per books. As some of you may know, our family of science awesomeness expanded over Christmas, as I welcomed our newest daughter Maizy into the world! Instead of the uniformed structure found in breast milk, I saw tiny particles that seemed to have been broken down into smaller chains.

Claim: Breast milk is glittery gold under a droidicon.come. Milk vs. formula under the microscope We just got a digital camera attachment for our microscope, so what do you think I photographed first? All three photos were taken with the exact same magnification, lighting, and all other microscope/camera settings. Breast Milk Under The Microscope! It really IS Liquid Gold! Well, the light shining through it is! This is an unfiltered light shining through the specimen on my American Optical microscope. I took advantage of the opportunity of being a nursing mom, to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time put my breast milk under the.

How many times have you Googled: Last week, Howard posted breast milk under microscope second Facebook video of a drop of breast milk under a microscope captioned: This is the living liquid gold we call breast milk in motion!!!! Howard had access to the equipment since her father is a blood microscopist and breast milk under microscope, unfortunately, because her mother is monitoring her blood cell count using the scope during her cancer battle. My daughter had a cold and I heard that your breast milk tailors antibodies and actually changes composition based on what your baby needs.

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Breast milk under microscope
Breast milk under microscope

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