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Electroniclly induced orgasm watch online

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Bound 2 - Scene 3
I used to have just the bare electrode in my bottom, which was quite painful, although it brought me to orgasm. Man Against Time , Oct 10, As Fatale said, instant orgasms are boring. The Orgasmatron, which is currently awaiting approval by the FDA for the treatment of "female orgasm dysfunction," is a box about the size of an Altoids tin although he's working on shrinking it to the size of a couple sticks of gum that has two thin wires that attach to the nerves in your spine responsible for sexual pleasure. Oct 5, Message Count: Share this article Share. Was the anal plug made by you or did you buy one?

I have read about rectal probe electroejaculation all over the place, but have never been able to find a electroniclly induced orgasm of a human having it done. There are several videos of bulls having it done, but it looks fairly brutal. I understand it requires anasthesia unless the human male has a spinal chord injury that gives him no feeling below the waist. It still sounds like a fascinating thing to watch. I would assume rectal twitching, a growing erection, and a squirt or two electroniclly induced orgasm semen.

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Electroniclly induced orgasm

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Electroniclly induced orgasm