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The 10 Most Beautiful Mexican Telenovela Actresses

Mexico is known for many things, especially great tasting food. Tequila is another hot export from the country, and a number of foods are made or grown there too, including pumpkins and chocolate. Do you want to know what else Mexico is known for? Some of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the world, a point that we will demonstrate with a list of the 10 most beautiful Mexican telenovela actresses.

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1 – Aracely Arámbula

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42-year old Aracely Arámbula was born in Mexico and has made quite the name for herself in the world of modelling, singing, and acting too. It was when she was just a teenager — 13 years old — that she first started her rise to fame, and back then, it was by competing in various beauty pageants. It was in 1996 that her career really took off, as a result of winning “El rostro de El Heraldo de México”.

Her earliest works include telenovelas such as Prisionera de amor in 1994, Acapulco, cuerpo y alma, just one year later, and also y Canción de Amor, just one year after that. She then went on to appear in Cañaveral de pasiones, during the third year of her studies, which helped no end, of course.

From telenovelas came a music career, and she even went on to become somewhat of an entrepreneur too. She bought and co-owns a spa with her brother and manager, Dr Leonardo Arambula, and even went on to become the face for a range of cosmetics and perfumes for a company in her home country. Pretty successful all-around, we’d say!

2 – Maite Perroni

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34-year-old, Maite Perroni, was born in Mexico City and has become very famous for her work in the telenovela industry. Not just an actress but a singer too, there have been a string of works, including 2015’s Antes muerta que Lichita, Cachito de cielo in 2012, Mi Pecado in 2009, and Rebelde in 2004, her first one.

Just like number one on this list, a telenovela career soon made way for a musical career, and Maite became the lead singer for RBD, a Latin group. They had no fewer than nine studio albums together and sold a whopping 15 million albums across the globe. She’ then went on to have a solo career, as well as collaborating with other big names in the business, and has worked with a number of companies in various TV and magazine commercials.

3 – Angelica Vale

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You may have heard of Mexico’s Sweetheart (“La Novia de Mexico”), but Angelica Vale is the daughter of that sweetheart — Angélica María. The 42-year-old actress is not just an actress, but also a big name in the world of comedy, and even singing too. In fact, she’s had an impressive career, and her acting works have spanned over thirty years alone.

It wasn’t actually until a bit later on in her career, back in 2006, that she made the big rise to fame that everyone hopes for. She can give a bit of thanks to La Fea Más Bella (which translates to The Prettiest Ugly Girl), a telenovela in which she played the protagonist. There have been a number of TV shows and movies since that point, of course, and she’s now not only one of the most talented stars to come from the country, but also one of the most beautiful too.

4 – Thalía

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Thalía, real name Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda, is a 46-year-old actress, songwriter, and singer, and one of the biggest names to come from Mexico. Across the globe she is often referred to as the “Queen of Latin Pop”, and it’s hardly surprising when you consider that her musical career has spanned over three decades.

There’s a good chance you’ll have already heard of this Mexican actress because some of her telenovelas have been shown in over 180 countries around the world. In fact, that’s one of the reasons behind her global fame. Constantly winning awards left, right, and centre, she’s now even got her own Hollywood Star of Fame, as of 2013.

5 – Ana Brenda Contreras

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Another singer as well as an actress, Ana Brenda Contreras, usually just referred to as Ana Brenda, is a 30-year-old starlet, originally born in Texas, US. It was when she was a teenager that she moved to Mexico, and it was during that time in her life that she initially found fame with the much-loved reality TV show, Pop Stars. She was a group-member during that time, and also became a finalist too. A few years after that, in 2005, she appeared in her first telenovela and has since had a number of roles, both main characters and smaller ones. She’s even gone on to win awards for her acting work too!

6 – Fernanda Romero

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Many of you may recall seeing 34-year-old Fernanda Romero in The Eye, alongside Jessica Alba, but in that, she only had a supporting role. In various telenovelas, including her most known role, in Eternamente tuya, she definitely played the leading part, and it was a role that she went back and returned to, too. Not bad for the little starlet who first started her career in a group, and actually got the opportunity to sing for Pope John Paul II. She was making waves before her eighteenth birthday even hit though, starring in a string of fashion campaigns, including for Pepsi, Apple, Clean & Clear, and Rock & Republic.

7 – Bárbara Mori

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Originally born in Uruguay, 39-year-old Bárbara Mori is very well known for being an actress in Mexican telenovelas, as well as working as a producer, a writer, and even as a model. In fact, it was modelling that kicked everything off for this beautiful starlet, and, at just 14 years of age, she starting fashion modelling. It was within five years that she saw the leap to filming TV and, when 2004 came along, she found herself appearing in the remake, Rubí. This is generally known to be her “breakthrough” role, opening the door to international acclaim and success.

8 – Salma Hayek

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She’s perhaps one of the most famous Mexican-born actresses in the world, famed for starring in movies such as Wild Wild West in 1999, Dogma in 1999, and From Dusk Til Dawn in 1996. It was 2002 that really saw her making serious waves in Hollywood however, taking on the character of Frida Kahlo in the movie, Frida. Since then, there have been a string of movies, including the recent Sausage Party, and Grown Ups 2 in 2013, Puss in Boots in 2011 (as the voice of Kitty Softpaws), and Grown Ups in 2010.

It was actually in telenovelas that Salma first found fame, however, with her first acting role in the 1988 Un Nuevo Amanecer.

9 – Sandra Echeverria

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Born in Mexico City, Mexico, 32-year old Sandra Echeverria first rose to claim in 2002, when she appeared in the telenovela Súbete A Mi Moto. This also starred Bárbara Mori, another of the most beautiful Mexican telenovela actresses.

Going back to Sandra Echeverria however, and she’s come quite a long way since then, starring in The Secret Life of Pets just last year, in 2016, and a whole host more. 2017 was a pretty good year for the starlet in terms of Mexican movies too.

10 – Kate del Castillo

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She’s 45 years of age now, but Kate del Castillo first rose to serious fame in telenovelas at just 20 years old, with the lead role in 1989’s Muchachitas. There have been a string of TV appearances since then, too many to mention, in fact, but her hop over to Hollywood has definitely been a great choice for her. She’s had supporting roles in a number of hit movies, including El Americano: The Movie, in which she plays the voice of Rayito, The 33 in 2015, and plenty more.

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