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Nicole Polizzi Bra Size Height Weight

Her Bra Size

She wears a size 32 C.

Her Body Measurements

Nicole Polizzi’s body measurements are 32-25-35.

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4 feet 8 inches or 142 centimeters

Current Weight

106 pounds or 48 kilograms

Boyfriends and Spouses

Emilio Masella (2010): Starting in 2010, Nicole Polizzi began dating Emilio Masella. They were only together for a short time period.

Jeff Miranda (2010): During the same year as Emilio Masella, Snooki began dating Jeff Miranda. They were only together for a brief fling, and the breakup was not amicable. After the breakup, she started calling him the “stalker”.

Jionni LaValle (2010- Current): At the end of 2010, Snooki began dating Jionni LaValle. Known as an American television personality, Jionni LaValle became engaged to Snooki in March of 2012. On August 26 of 2012, the couple welcomed their son, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, into the world. Later, Nicole Polizzi and Jionni LaValle announced that they were expecting their second child together on April 4 of 2014. On September 26, 2014, the welcomed their daughter, Giovanna Marie LaValle, into the world. At birth, she weighed a tiny six pounds seven ounces.

Net Worth

Snooki has a net worth of $4 million.

Her Name at Birth

At birth, Snooki’s name was Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi.

Common Nicknames

Her famous nickname is Snooki. In middle school, she was the first girl to kiss a boy, so her friends began calling her Snooki. Afterward, the name stuck with her. She also goes by the nicknames of Nicole, Snooks and Snickers.

Age and Birth Date

Her birth date is November 23, 1987. Currently, Snooki is 27 years old. She will turn 28 years old in November of 2015.

Astrological Sun Sign

Her astrological sign is the Sagittarius.

Location of Her Birth

She was born in Santiago, Chile. After her parents adopted her, she moved to Marlboro, New Jersey.

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Although she was born in Chile, Nicole Polizzi is an American citizen.

Educational History

Polizzi graduated from Marlboro High School in Marlboro, New Jersey.

Family Members

Although their names are unknown, Snooki’s father is the supervisor at an auto-salvage company. In his free time, he works as a volunteer firefighter. Her mother is an office manager. Nicole Polizzi does not have any siblings, although she may have unknown biological siblings since she was adopted at birth.


Although she is extremely petite in stature, Snooki is know for her very voluptuous build.

Dress Size


Shoe Size

5 (US)

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Snooki is best known for her work as a reality television star and TV personality.

Hair Color

Her hair color is naturally dark brown, but she has dyed it black, red and other colors throughout her life.

Eye Color

She has black eyes.

Distinctive Features

Snooki is known for her signature poof hairstyle, her petite figure and tanning-bed-orange colored skin.


According to a DNA test, she has Romani (formerly known as Gypsy) heritage.


She was raised Roman Catholic.

Best Known For

Nicole Polizzi is best known for being on the reality television show, Jersey Shore. Fans may recognize her for her hard-partying ways.

Her First Television Show

The first time she was on television was for Jersey Shore. She ended up being on six seasons of the show. According to Nicole, the experience was intense. The members of the show were placed in a house for two months and surrounded by cameras.

Her First Film

In 2012, she played a cameo of herself in the film, the Three Stooges.

Her Workout

After her first pregnancy, she used the personal trainer, Anthony Michael, to lose 42 pounds.

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Nicole Polizzi’s Favorite Things

Favorite Sport: Cheerleading
Favorite Accessory: High Heels
Favorite Decor: Animal Print

Nicole Polizzi Facts

Although she was born in Chile, Polizzi is actually an American citizen. She was adopted by an Italian-American couple and grew up in New Jersey. Although she originally thought that she had Spanish ancestry, she discovered that a lot of her ancestors were actually Romani.
During her adolescence, Snook struggled with eating disorders. At one point, she weighed just 80 pounds.
In season 5 of Jersey Shore, she was paid $150,000 per episode that she appeared in.
Interestingly, Snooki has actually written three books.

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